Advantages of WELoft

Boutique cozy coliving in Vilnius! Only 31 lofts and plenty of free space! 

When you become a member of our community, you automatically gain free access to the gym, cinema, relaxation areas, and other common areas, totaling over 1000 square meters!

Everything in one place!

Rest area

The heart of the We LOFT complex is a pleasant and cozy relaxation area where you can enjoy spending time with friends or fellow loft residents, playing board games, reading books, or simply socializing over cups of tea.

Work space

The workspace allows you to change the environment when you want to separate the home space from work and maintain productivity. It encourages focus, efficient work, and sharing ideas with other community members, fostering creative projects.


There is a gym next to you where you will find everything you need to maintain your health, beauty, and well-being. A spacious gym right by your side. The gym is always available at the most convenient time for you.

Movie theatre

Our cinema hall is for your comfort and enjoyment. With soft seats, high-quality audiovisual equipment, and a cozy interior, your movie nights will be exceptional. Pause time and immerse yourself in fascinating worlds or simply relax with friends. Our cinema hall is where magic happens!

Shared kitchen

Each loft and apartment is equipped with a mini kitchen, but if your culinary ambitions are bigger or you want to eat with your neighbours, we have equipped a shared kitchen with a dining area. In the common kitchen you will find a large worktop and all the kitchen equipment, and in the nearby dining area there are tables of various sizes, suitable for eating alone or with company.


To save space in your loft, we have installed a shared laundry room for all residents. It can be used at any time, for an additional fee. Also, you won't have to burden your living space with a vacuum cleaner, brooms and other cleaning tools - you can find them in the cleanliness pantry for free.

Bike scooter storage/loading

Those riding bikes or scooters won't have to worry about it either. We installed a storage room inside the LOFT co-living, where for just 10 eur/month. you can store your bike or scooter. And for your convenience, the electric scooter can be charged right here.

For those driving a car, we can also offer a reserved parking space, so you can be sure that you can always have your car nearby. 

Parks and lakes

If you enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquility, right by our house, there is a park, and just 10 minutes away from us, there are even three beautiful lakes.

List of lakes:

  • Ginetiškių Lake - 9 minutes from Us

  • Salotes Lake - 11 minutes from Us

  • Gelužio Lake - 11 minutes from Us

  • Buividiškių Reservoir - 10 minutes from Us

Entertainment and shopping centers

We are strategically located in Viršuliškes street in a convenient area because there are major shopping centers nearby where you can not only shop but also enjoy entertainment.

List of shopping centers:

  • MADA - 4 minutes from Us
  • Vilnius Outlet - 7 minutes from Us
  • Panorama - 8 minutes from Us
  • Akropolis - 8 minutes from Us
  • Ozas - 10 minutes from Us

Leisure pleasures

Near our coliving space, there are plenty of places where you can comfortably spend time with friends or colleagues. There, you can enjoy delicious food or simply hang out at a bar.

Universities and Colleges

Be calm, esteemed students. Though we are a bit away from the city center (15 min. to the city center), we are not very far from universities and other educational institutions.

Universities and colleges:

  • Vilnius College - 4.4 km (10 min from Us)
  • Vilniaus Riomerio University - 4.8 km (11 min from Us)
  • Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre - 6.9 km (14 min from Us)
  • VU Faculty of Medicine - 6.7 km (13 min from Us)
  • European Humanities University - 6.2 km (13 min from Us)
We LOFT residents include:
Cinema area with projector
Cinema area with projector
Gym with exercise equipment
Gym with exercise equipment
Friendship with pets
Friendship with pets
Entertainment without leaving home
Entertainment without leaving home
Lots of common spaces
Lots of common spaces
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